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Hi Yvonne and Colin,

A couple of years ago I started experiencing a prickly feeling in my
forehead and scalp. I was scanning a lot of books and wondered if the
scanner might be emitting some sort of radiation that might be causing the
problem. I mentioned it to my doctor but she didn't know, so I contacted my
local Environmental Health Department. One of the officers was interested
and said he would do some research. He rang me a few days later and began by
asking me if I had much hair. When I told him I had become very thin on top
of my head, he went on to explain that scanner did emit low levels of
radiation and my lack of hair might be making me susceptible. He said his
terms of reference would not permit him to contact the scanner's
representatives directly but he would direct more enquiries through their
local Environmental Health Department. A few weeks later he came back to me
with the news that there was no way the scanner could be causing the scalp
irritation. He suggested wearing a hat when scanning might help. I took his
advice and it certainly did seem to help a little. A couple of months later,
our microwave cooker broke down and we arranged for a local engineer to come
to the house to repair it. I mentioned my problem to him and asked if he had
a tool for measuring microwave radiation. He produced one and checked both
my scanner and computer monitor but could find no evidence of harmful
radiation. However, he stressed that the instrument he was using was
designed specifically for use with microwave cookers. Well, the prickly
sensation is still with me when I've been sitting at my computer for a long
time but it hasn't got any worse. I'm using a standard monitor and now
wondering if the problem would go away if I switched to one of the more
recent flat screen monitors.


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Hi Colin
how about trying your Health and Safety Section of the Council's Public
Protection Department, or the Health Unit.  Even if they can't help,
maybe they could point you in the appropriate direction of someone who

Good luck, hope you get some co-operation and advice.

Yvonne and Libby.

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Hi to the list
I hope you don't mind but I have cross posted this message from the
magnifiers group. Maybe someone would like to make a comment.
>I've been listening to this monitor emissions thread, and started
worrying a bit.
>My nose is also 10cm or less from the screen 8 hours a day, for the
last 6 years!!!
>How can I find out if my monitor is safe, or safer?


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