[access-uk] Re: Monitoring download/upload daya volumes

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  • Date: Mon, 12 Dec 2005 08:55:15 -0000


The Vigour will give you various details on this if you check in the statistics 
page.  However, these will need to be reset over a period if you want to have 
monthly stats.  The Vigour is the best place to get this info, as there is 
always a certain amount of background traffic that goes with an ADSL 
connection, which is counted towards your usage.

What sort of price brackets were you looking at, and was this for both 
home/office or just one line?


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Subject: [access-uk] Monitoring download/upload daya volumes
Does anyone know of any reliable software which will monitor
the amount of data being uploaded and downloaded over a
period of time?
I'm looking at alternative ISPs, and with various low price,
but capped options, it would be useful to know just how much
data we shift in an average month.

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