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  • From: Chris Hallsworth <christopherhallsworth71@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 07 Mar 2008 16:06:09 +0000

Hi Jackie and all, as Steve Nutt said, there's no Eloquence for MobileSpeak. This is, in fact, why I prefer Talks over MobileSpeak as I'm hard of hearing and I find Eloquence to be just right for hard of hearing people. Yes Lequendo is nice, but since I've used Eloquence for over 10 years I'm so used to it that I tend to refuse to listen to other voices. Hope that helps.

Jackie Cairns wrote:
Hi All
I've downloaded a demo version of Mobile Speak, and am beginning to have a mess around with it, just to see how it compares to my beloved TALKS. But, so far, I hate the voices that come with it. I mean, you wouldn't want to lust after any of them would you? (smile.) Anyway, is there an Eloquence voice that can be run on Mobile Speak like there is with TALKS? Please tell me there is!! (grin.) I'm not saying you would want to lust after Eloquence either but ... it's better than these other lads and lassies. I am running this software on a phone that doesn't have TALKS installed, just to be on the safe side, so any help would be sincerely appreciated. Thanks in advance good people. Jackie

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