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hi, I use the 6600 and its grate.
the key pad is reasonable although some what on the small side.
its not like a house brick either.
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      I'm thinking about replacing my Nokia 3650 with another phone that will 
  also support the Talks software. The reason being that I can a, never get 
  the damn thing connected to my computer via bluetooth and b, can never hear 
  it ring unless I'm practically sitting on it.

      My requirements are buttons that are reasonably easy to distinguish. I 
  looked at the 7610 (I think that's the one with the wavy keypad design), but 
  didn't find it very easy, a bloody loud ring, preferably that doesn't mean I 
  have to have the Talks volume up to maximum too get it, and a usb or wired 
  connection to a computer.

      Hopefully some of you will have had experiences or knowledge that will 
  help. Look forward to hearing from you.


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