[access-uk] Missing Google Group E-mail Problems

  • From: "Hussein Patwa" <access-uk@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <access-uk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 10 May 2010 23:47:23 +0100

I was wondering if anyone here could assist with this rather strange anomaly
that's happening with my e-mails of late.
First, some background. I recently upgraded to the full Office 2010 from
Office 2007 Enterprise.  The upgrade went through without a hitch and I'm
really loving it, especially Outlook 2010.  I have my e-mail associated with
my domain and hosted with HostGator.  For the last few years, I've never
really had any problems with it.  Yes, I received spam, but the HostGator
spam controls did a good job of dealing with that.
I am a member of a closed e-mail group hosted with Google Groups.  I thought
everything was fine, and have not had any problems for the three or so years
I've been a member.  Recently, I started noticing gaps in the e-mail
discussions, where people would reply to messages I'd not seen received in
my inbox.  This was when I still had Office 2007.
Then today, the same thing happened again but it was an important e-mail I
missed out on.  I just saw a reply to it, and have of course contacted the
group moderators to ask for them to resend me the e-mail in question
privately.  However, I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced things
like this and where the problem could lie?
I can confirm that:
a). I have disabled all the spam filters at the hosting (HostGator) end 
b) eSet Smart Security's Anti-Spam controls are also disabled
c) The problem only seems to be happening with that one Google Group as no
other e-mails seem to be affected, including this access-uk list.
Anyone any ideas?
Thanks in advance.
Have a pleasant day,
Kind Regards and Best Wishes,
Hussein Patwa
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