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  • From: Chris Hallsworth <chrishallsworth@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 17 Aug 2006 14:10:37 +0100

The type of RAM I have is DDRAM II, and my laptop is a Toshiba Satellite Pro A100. Hope that helps.

Tristram Llewellyn wrote:

It sounds like a straightforward question but due to vast proliferation of different memory types and variations in motherboard design this is actually not so straight to answeer.
The cost can vary as much as about £25 for a single 256MB DIMM to sometthing into £130 for a matched pair of RDRAM chips for the same memory. The latter are less likely in the field, but they are both sufficiently hard to find and suffiently expensive to make one thiink twice before doing the upgrade.
If you can post any details of what type of memory it may be easier to answer the question. If the PC is from a big name it may be worth seeking assistance from the manufacturer unless one isvery savvy about memory types suitable.
Tristram Llewellyn
Sight and Sound Technology
Technical Support
www.sightandsound.co.uk <http://www.sightandsound.co.uk>

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    Hi all,
    I'd like to know how much it would cost to add another 256 MB of
    RAM to
    my existing 256 MB of RAM please? Thanks.
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