[access-uk] Re: MP3 player for Nokia 6600

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  • Date: Sat, 11 Jun 2005 08:54:48 +0100

Hi Trevor,

The reason Steve Nutt's message appears as it does is because he is responding to Adrian Snelgrove's question, the problem you are having is down to Adrian mot Steve.


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Hi Steve,

Hope you won't mind my pointing out that your email is coming through with
black print on a dark sort of blue background and is almost impossible to
read by those of us who use magnifying glasses.


Trevor Ruane

At 10:55 10/06/2005, you wrote:
Hi Adrian,

Watch this space.  Talks Premium will be released very soon, which
includes an audio player.  This will not be available from Tel Cos, only
from accessibility dealers.

All the best -- Computer Room Services: the long cane for blind computer users. Telephone Voice: +44(0)1438 742286, Fax/BBS: +44(0)1438 759589 mobile: +44(0)7956 334938, Email: Steve@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Web site: <http://www.comproom.co.uk/>http://www.comproom.co.uk

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Subject: [access-uk] MP3 player for Nokia 6600

Hi all.
Does anyone know if there's an MP3 player available to install on to the
Nokia 6600?
If so, where can I get it from?

Many thanks

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