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I am disappointed at your view Ray, it's nothing to do with setting a good 
example, it's a statutory obligation. And personally as a licence payer, I 
expect them to comply with legislation.
I recognise that to some it may appear a very insignificant matter, but aren't 
they the same head in the sand types that were only too happy to turn a blind 
eye to equality for Black and minor ethnicity?

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  I of course eplore the lack of propper access to the IPlayer from the start, 
but I'm sure it will be put right - and it can be, i'[m pretty confident of 

  Yes, the Beeb should be setting a good example as a public service 
broadcaster, but how many large corporate organisationsare doing what they 
should be doing, let alone the smaller operators?  So, as Iain says let us have 
a bit of perspective here.

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    In general, the service is neither difficult nor impossible. It is only the 
volume and the jump functions which are unavailable. I think we need some 
perspective here.

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      I mentioned that I felt that this may well constitute a breach of the 
provisions of the Disability Discrimination Act, as the service being provided 
      no longer accessible to screenreader users.

      If this thing is generally available to the public but is difficult or 
impossible for blind people then it does constitute a violation of section 21.  
RNIB should be able to advise on remedies.

      Keith Jones
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        Hi, In case it's of interest, here's the dreadful reply I got from the 
beeb, followed by my reply - which, on rereading, should have been stronger:
        "Dear Richard

        Thank you for contacting BBC iPlayer support team.

        I understand you want audio description on BBC iPlayer for screen 
reader users.

        We have received similar reports from other users and I can confirm 
that our development team are working hard to resolve the issue.

        You may wish to check the BBC iPlayer messageboard for the latest 
updates regarding this issue.


        For future reference you may wish to know that you can contact the BBC 
iPlayer support team via the following web form:


        Once again thank you for contacting BBC iPlayer. If you have any 
further enquires please do not hesitate to contact our team.



        BBC iPlayer

        Dear Usha, Thank you for your reply to my complaint. 

        I'm afraid that you haven't really resolved matters to my satisfaction. 

        I mentioned that I felt that this may well constitute a breach of the 
provisions of the Disability Discrimination Act, as the service being provided 
is no longer accessible to screenreader users. I'd be grateful if you would 
please deal with that point, and let me know by when it is intended that the 
iPlayer will be accessible. Why were the needs of screenreader users not 
incorporated into the new player before it was released? 

        Is there a formal complaints procedure which I can follow to have the 
matter investigated thoroughly?

        With many thanks,

        Richard Godfrey-McKay

        Richard Godfrey-McKay
        Tel: (01738) 445 880
        Mobile: (07791) 452 593

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