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MOBILE QUESTIONSteve - not sure if I got you right, so just to say, that on the 
6630, you can use MP3 as ring tones, setting different one to profiles, I 
haven't tried it for personal ring tones, but can't see why it shouldn't work, 
as the MP3 ring tones show up in the list of tones to select from, and like I 
say, they work in general for profiles!

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  Hi Ian

  It appears that the 6630 has many of the features that the 6680 has.  They 
are both 3G with all the usual simbian type organiser apps along with quick 
office.  Both come with mp3 players but on the 6680 you can assign an mp3 as a 
ringer to identify an individual or as a general ringtone.  On the 6630, you 
can not do this.  Aparently, talking to Vodafone, the phones software does not 
allow for this and it comes up as an unsupported file format when you try to 
assign it.  Just to reclarify though, this is only in terms of MP3 files, you 
can assign tones so long as they are supported.

  As I say however, it runs Mp3 files fine in the music player software.  
Additionally, the 6680 has a front mounted camera as well as a rear one which 
is used for realtime video calls.  You can also switch camera.  The design is a 
lot different.  The 6680 is a much smarter phone finished in brushed chrome and 
having all straight edging with no curved sides, top or bottom.  You get a 
stereo pair of headphones which are your hands free as well.  Qualitywise, it's 
pretty good, I've heard far worse from CD Walkmans!

  Hope that helps Ian.



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    Can anyone tell me the essential difference(s) between the Nokia 6630 and 
the 6680 please? 


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