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Hi Ali,


Set the input type to Text, Word or Audio files, and so long as the text and
audio files have the same names and are in sequence, as far as I understand
it, this should work.


All the best





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Good morning all,


recently Steve Nutt recommended the above DAISY creating software.  Up to
now, I am quite impressed with the usability of the software with different
screen readers, thanks Steve.  However, I found the user manual, or, the
help file within the software little confusing.  I was wondering if anyone
who may be using this software can give me some guidance on the following


I have a book in text format as well as MP3.  The book is separated into MP3
files sentence by sentence; and the text is in single document, which can be
separated into single files as sentences.  I know on the manufacturer's
webpage, it says that the full text and full audio can be synchronised, i.e.
you could have a DAISY book with text and audio together in a single DAISY


Looking at the help section of MAX, it is not really clear how I can get
these two synchronised.  I can create either text or audio DAISY book, but,
not two together.  Anyone has any recommendation, or, better, step by step
instruction to do this please?



Thank you.



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