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Thanks for that Tristram, I realize all you said but I stupidly went ahead and 
completed the form and then pressed Save as it had a name and then realized the 

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  One thing you must realise about opening attachments directly from within a 
message in Outlook Express or for that matter I think Outlook is that it opens 
them from a temporary folder.  Therefore if you just press control+S to save 
then it will save in the same location and will be gone by the time you need it.


  The best approach with attachments is to "Save" them to a location that is 
accessible to you rather than a temporary folder  A compromise might be that if 
you do open the attachment directly from the message always remember to select 
a folder for the opened attachment to go into before leaving it then you will 
be able to find it again.



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  Often I make a mistake when I get an attachment, e.g. I had a Word Document 
by way of a Form today and opened it and completed it in Word.  Then I just 
clicked on Save and as the form already had a name it got saved rather than 
Save As.  It did not go in to My Documents but only into what I can describe as 
an area on my computer I do not know how to access.  It is some folder which 
seems to begin with the legger G and has numbers and letters associated with 
it.  I presume it is some form of Temporary folder.  How might I find this 
folder to retreive my document?

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