[access-uk] Re: Looking for an Old List Member, Peter Logue

  • From: Mobeen Iqbal <mobeeniqbal@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: access-uk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2014 18:57:31 +0000


andy is living in Scotland. i spoke to him the other day. he regretably is no longer in touch with peter logue, but andy is well and keeping busy. apparently peter doesn't like socialising much if at all on these groups and is very resentful towards life at the moment, more than that i don't know...


On 11/11/2014 21:47, MJ Williams wrote:
Peter had a brother called Andy if I remember rightly.
I wonder what he's up to these days.

At 20:47 11/11/2014, you wrote:
Hi List.

I'm trying to track down Peter Logue who used to be on this list, and several others I was also a member of. The last I seem to remember is that Peter had either moved from Canada to Scotland or vice versa.

I'm not looking for anything unusual or odd, just a bit of advice regarding a JAWS tip that Peter once shared.

if anyone knows where I can track Peter down. Or Peter, if you're out there, please drop me a line.



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