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The m-audio, iis that the milestone discussed?


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  I haven't anything particular in mind Andy, but is the recorder just for 
dictation/notetaking?  If so, then one of the Olypus models might suit you.  
Hagger Electronics sell some of these.

  If its more serious stuff you are after recording, including music, then the 
M-Audio offering that Steve Nutt has acquired recently might be more up your 
street.  Suppliers such as Digital Village sell these, although they come out 
at something like £350.00.
  Hope that's been of a little help to you.

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    From: Andy Collins 

    Hi all -

    Just reposting the below again as I'm in pretty urgent need of a basic 
voice recorder:

      I'm looking for a basic [not too expensive] digital recorder, the kind 
that will take notes or memos, no editing is required, just a strait forward 
gadget with it's own speaker. Looking to buy on line if anybody can direct me 
to a good site after recommending.

      Many thanks


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