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Hi Damon and all
I had a very similar experience with the Halifax some weeks ago.  Like
Lloyds, Jaws 10 doesn't announce the minus and, thinking that I was in the
black, I only transferred a nominal amount, which barely took me into the
black from the minus I was actually in.   and they charge interest by the
I agree that this is a Jaws issue, rather than a bank website issue.

As it stands, Jaws reads a number of pounds as, for instance three hundred
pounds.  If I put a minus pound sign in dictionary manager, it reads minus
pounds three hundred.  I would prefer to check with the jaws cursor for a
minus on the relatively rare occasions that I check my balance, rather than
change the syntax of the amount.






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I'm interested to know how various online banking services indicate whether
your balance is in the red or black, a minus or positive, a credit or debit.

I've been using Lloyds online banking for years and think it's very good and
They changed their layout and functionality a few weeks ago however, and
it's only today that I've noticed something that could have become a
significant problem had I not realised.
Previously Lloyds would display the letters CR after your balance to denote
you are in credit by that given amount, and DR if you are below the zero
So 100.00 CR means you have 100 quid. 100.00 DR meant you were 100 in the
But they don't do this any more. 
Today I was happily thinking I was 60 pounds in credit when I transferred 55
pounds over from a savings account into my current account. After the
transfer it showed I had 5 pounds. I was expecting it to be 115 pounds and
quickly realised that I must have originally been 60 pounds in the red not
in the black and that the 5 pounds was in fact minus 5 pounds. 
On closer inspection, Lloyds now denote that you're in the red with a dash
before the pound sign i.e. -£5.00 means you have minus 5 pounds. The dash is
significant and it wouldn't be such an issue if the screenreader read it as
a minus sign but it doesn't.   
It's not so easily picked up by a screenreader as the old £5.00 DR. 
Remember to check very carefully whether there is a tiny little dash before
that pound sign. IT means minus, it's not just a spacer or a bit of layout
Hoping this is useful to someone out there. Thankfully I was only alittle
bit overdrawn. 
I'm going to email the online bank

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