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Thanks very much for this! I had no idea and I suppose you didn't either,
that the dates were grade out. I do not have an IOS device. I have not tried
it yet with my Android. 


It is though as you said possible that till the tickets are available on or
after 12 October that it will work. I will report back once this happens,
but thank you very much for your useful information!


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Hi Vanja,


It doesn't work for me on Windows either.  I've tried IE and Firefox with
JAWS, Window-Eyes and NVDA, as well as ChromeVox with Chrome.  However, I
don't know if this is a problem with the combo box or because all the dates
are greyed out.  Apparently tickets are next released on 12 October for a
future date, so it would be interesting to see if it works then.


The sting in the tail is that it does work with Voiceover and Safari under
Mac OSX.  I can read the various dates in the combo box, though they are
announced as greyed out (dimmed in Voiceover terms).






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Could anyone, especially if sighted, please look at this website.


The website gives an option to apply for the tickets, however both combo
boxes for preferred and the back up date do not read with jaws 15, 16 beta
or NVDA with the latest version of IE. I wonder if everyone experiences this
and if so, perhaps a couple of you who are sighted on here like George or
John may be able to tell me if there's something within the HTML code/the
way website is designed that's causing this issue? Unless, of course, it
reads fine to everyone else and is just something wrong with this system. As
I said, the combo boxes do not read and no matter how I try to navigate/move
up/down the box, nothing is read out by screenreaders.


Thank you.


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