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Gena, I think I understand what the prices mean in your message,
(below) but they are rather mucked up by the equals sign intrusion and
some numbers which shouldn't be there.

Can I suggest that until this peculiar problem is sorted that we
resort to spelling out prices to avoid such unclearness?

From Ray
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Just to throw more confusion into the pot.  I wouldn't have thought it
is such a big issue.  Even Bulldog provide us with a service, it is BT
that had to provide the line up to the house.  So if we were to take
up =
with BT, they'd come and inspect or install a new line within 7 days,
but as we were contractually obliged to continue with Bulldog when we
moved here, we had to wait 28 days.  I'd go with what was NTL now
Virgin =
if I could simply because the infrastructure is new and more capable
of =
taking data transmissions.  ADSL services are just tacking on an old =
flaky network that was never designed for that purpose.  But alas, we
all don't have the choice.  There's a skill in choosing an Internet =
Service Provider and I've made some blunders.  BT's support is better
but they charge more.  You have to ask how critical is the support and
how critical is the finance.  Take a second line here, for example, =
Bulldog will fit one for =A399.99 and will take up to 28 days as they
have to pass the request on to BT to undertake the work.  For the same
service direct from BT and cut out the middle man it's =A3124.99.
Then =
the subsequent line rental from BT, if paid by Direct Debit, is
=A311.00 =
a month, whereas, Bulldog charge =A310.50 a month.  There's also other
differences relating to the duration of the contract etc..  And this =
just the phone line to carry the ADSL service.



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