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Yes Carol, I too had this problem of not being able to try before buying with 
headphones.  The guy at Dixons in Birmingham at the time, siad, "Well, like, 
not wanting to be personal, but you don't know what germs could be spread if I 
let you try them."  Suppose, in spite of the unintentional or intentional slur, 
he could have had a point.  Still you'd have thought demo phones could be an 
option with maybe anticeptic swobs but, well maybe that's getting too 

I'd certainly look at the Sennhieser range if I were you.  I am pretty pleased 
still with my PX250 foldable lightweight noise cancelling phones.  As for Blue 
Tooth, I look forward to any contributions that come in there.

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From: "Joe Hunter" 

| hello Carol,
| The problem of not being able to look at goods is as you say getting worse. 
| here in liverpool we have a shop that has little boxes or cubicles that 
| allow  you to listen before you buy. a pair of headphones in each.  Ranging 
| from the cheaper to the 90 quid.
| that isn't any good for youI know  but for quickness recently I phoned 
| hagger electronics and asked them to discribe what they had for the price 
| range requested.
| I got a pair for ten quid  and do me fine for listening in bed and they came 
| only the next afternoon.
| sincerely joe.

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