[access-uk] Johns email

  • From: "Barry Toner" <barry@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <john_farley@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 22 Jul 2010 00:05:36 +0100

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Hi John,

I've put access-uk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx in the CC field.

Just to make it quicker to address you and the list members.

If you wish to reply to me only, reply as you normally would to an email.
If you want to include myself and the access-uk list do a Reply All.  This
is normally Ctrl Shift R in Outlook Express, Windows Mail, and Microsoft
Outlook.  Just going with the most common ones.

I've placed your emails to the list on moderation until the dicy issue with
a SPAM email is resolved.

Your not in trouble in the slightest.  You are still on the list and you can
read mails and post to it.  I just want to make sure no more mails go
through from your address that a member could click on and get bit by a
piece of Malware etc.

I want to give the list members the opportunity to help you out rather than
boot you off and say, "uhh yeah sorry dude" "Sort your machine out".

Quick few tips from me,

If you havent' already download and install Malware Bites


Tick to run a  Thorough Scan, not the Quick Scan.

It could take a few hours, so feel free to go to the pub!  Grins

This is a truly amazing piece of anti-malware software.

Also please download and run a free trial of Eset Smart Security Suite.


Have this run an in-depth scan.  Leave the defaults for the moment on it's

Let us know how you get on John.

Hopefully you'll get this sorted ASAP.

Access-uk List Admin

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