[access-uk] Re: Jaws losing authorisation

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  • Date: Sun, 5 Jun 2011 19:59:52 +0100

Hi Amro -

I only meant that very rarely, I got asked to activate my license by entering 
the code, but a reboot of the machine generally fixed it. -

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  Hi Andy, so if I reactivate Jaws I won't lose an activation count? Sorry if I 
misunderstood you but what do you mean by never worried about it much? It 
happened with me twice already and I managed to get Jaws working again by doing 
a system restore which's not an ideal solution. I'm worried if I activate Jaws 
every time this issue happens I will have to keep asking FS for an activation 
count resets.

  Could you explain more? Many thanks for taking the time to help.


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  Hi Amro - This occasionally happens to me using JFW9 under Vista. The other 
thing that sometimes happens is that I get a message telling me JAWS is running 
in 40 minute mode and will shut down...

  Don't know why the glitches occur, but I've never worried too much as they 
are a rare occurrence -

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    Subject: [access-uk] Jaws losing authorisation

    Hello all,

    Windows 7 pro 32bit and Jaws 12 the latest.

    For some reason Jaws suddenly lost authorisation on my system. After a 
restart of my system I was surprised to see the Jaws activation dialog popping 
up asking me to reactivate my version. I haven't changed any hardware 
components on my system so this is not the cause. The only thing I changed on 
my system was the System Locale from English to another language (Region and 
Language>Administrative page>Change System Locale) . Could that possibly be the 
cause of the authorisation loss?

    I recall that this issue has come up before but unfortunately searching the 
lists archive didn't yield any results. Please help.


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