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  • Date: Mon, 8 Dec 2008 20:11:19 -0000

    Essentially, it's fine to use JavaScript and/or AJAX. The trick is to
use it unobtrusively though. In other words, use JavaScript to enhance
functionality, but not to drive it. A page should be usable if someone does
not have JavaScript enabled, although they may not have access to some of
the more enhanced aspects of the page.
    A good example is a page where a form requires a date to be entered. It
should be possible to enter the date directly into the form. JavaScript
could then be used to enhance the form by displaying a small calendar for
people to select the date from. Either way, the form should work though.
Hope this makes sense. 




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Hi All.
What is the current accepted view on the use of javascript and ajax please.
It wasn't so long ago that they were frowned upon but now I'm hearing that
they are accepted in the development of accessible web sites and their use

Kevin Lloyd
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