[access-uk] Re: Is there such a thing?

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QVC or the gadget show were advertising one of these a couple of weeks ago, I think it was QVC. It was a programable tag which was used in conjunction with a smartphone app which was downloadable free, the tags were about £16 each though. Give QVC a ring their customer services are pretty good.

Good luck


Barry Hill recently said:-

There is. It's called a radio frequency tag or rf id tag. Not sure where you might get one from, though.



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Hi, My GD Jenks passed away recently so getting out and about with the cane again has been.......fun? Was wondering if there was such a device which could alert me either wirelessly or blue tooth when I get near my own front gate, bit of a bugger finding the right fence and then the right gate. Thought I saw something like this on this list some time ago, so any help appreciated.

Thank you!


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