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  • Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2008 13:58:43 -0000

Hi Carol

I have just sent an Email outlining my concerns to a lady at Solutions Radio in 
the Netherlands who appears to be liaising with TNAUK on this one.  I have 
outlined my concerns that most people are generally expressing to me: that the 
radio is being offered for sale without the completion of the said trial; that 
any stations being added need to be done by TNAUK if appropriate; and whether 
TNAUK would continue to support the radio or the recipient if they are not 
subscribed to their newspaper services.

I am very unhappy about this whole thing, but will let you know if I receive a 
response from either Solutions Radio or TNAUK.

As for In Touch, it would be an interesting subject for them, but I had enough 
difficulty with my last attempt at offering something positive, so maybe not 
me.  And because I've stated I feel the programme needs a new direction, they 
would probably shut up shop on me anyway.

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  I did inquire about this when I heard about the trial as someone put 
something on Access-UK a couple of months back.  At that time Ted Davis also 
wrote to me offering me a radio for the same price, but didn't mention any 
other options, so I thought "No way, not for that price ... and a trial!"  I 
didn't mention it when your offer came up because I'd totally destroyed his 
email and couldn't recall at that time who had written to me (senility sets in, 
you know!)

  Perhaps we should ask for an "In Touch" item to feature this with someone 
testing it, then we can bring up the points we're not too happy about right now.


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    Hi All

    Pin your ears back as I have an update that might be of interest to some.

    My last post to this list on the thread of Internet radios intimated I 
would let you know how I got on with a web radio that TNAUK are trialing.  A 
couple of weeks ago, they agreed to send me a web radio when a customer who had 
finished with their set returned it to them.

    At the end of last week, however, I got an Email from Ted Davis to say that 
he had a web radio in stock if I wanted to purchase it for £275.00.  So I 
thought to myself, in typical Jackie fashion: "Why would I want to buy a web 
radio if the trial is still going on, and nobody has forked out any money for 
these sets to my knowledge?"  So I contacted TNAUK today, and spoke to Ted's 
colleague, Luke.

    The full story appears to be this.  TNAUK are lending 15 web radios to 
people at the moment to trial.  Anyone over and above those 15 who express an 
interest in the box must pay £275.00 for the privilege of owning one.  The 
trial ends at the end of February, but, he tells me, things look "promising."  
According to TNAUK, RNIB have come to the same conclusion as TNAUK that this 
way forward is the best solution.

    I asked Luke how I would be supported with a web radio if I bought one, and 
he said that if I wanted an Internet radio station added to it, I could contact 
them with the details, and they would have it put in for me without the radio 
being returned to TNAUK.  I used the scenario of wanting Sky Radio in it, and 
he said this would be possible.  I then asked about future upgrades and 
support, and he said that it depended on what was to happen after the trial.

    So my conclusion is that they appear to want to sell you a web box, but 
can't guarantee you its lifespan after the trial ends next month with the 15 
recipients who are doing that for nothing.

    Since I am under no disclosure, I don't see why you shouldn't be aware of 
this information.  But I'm trying to suppress my own thoughts because I can't 
decide whether it's me who is going mad, or whether this whole thing has a very 
nasty taste about it.

    Sorry for the long post, but that's the latest.


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