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Steve, I wouldn't say Firefox is quite as revolutionary as many claim, but
the Windows update problem is handled well by Firefox as it automatically
excludes Windows Update from the pages it will load.  In other words, going
to Windows Update does bring up IE6 even though Firefox may be set as the
default browser.

You are right, Firefox does display many .differently, but for the most part
I've had no problems accessing most web sites.  I think it is certainly true
though that the vast majority of web page authors optimise for IE which most
people do use.

Firefox does have a slight speed advantage too, and I find the ability to
have multiple home pages is valuable to me.  I'm also keen on anything that
improves on Internet Explorer's level of security.

From Ray
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Hi Ray,

I don't see what all the fuss is about Firefox personally.  OK Tabbed
browsing is there, but while it is better for security, you can't use it
with Windows Update, and many sites that rely on Active X, so I personally
will stick to IE.  Also, I find that some links are simply missing in FF
when I go to web sites, that are better displayed in IE.  Some HTML is not
rendered nearly so well in FF in my view.  So what is all the fuss about?

All the best
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Sam, I'd err on the side of caution.  In the recent past I think people have
found that if they cannot get on with IE7 reverting back to 6 has been quite
hard.  Maybe the unistall problem has been solved by now, but I don't know.

Why not give Firefox a try?  If you have V7 of JAWS or you are using
Window-Eyes 5.5 you will have no problems with it, and the keyboard
navigation is very near identical.  Don't know how HAL copes with Firefox,
but I've a feeling that v7 works quite well with Firefox. Firefox is said to
be worth it for security reasons alone, but it has always had tabbed
browsing which, of course, IE7 will have.

From Ray
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Hi All
Quick question I was just wondering if anyone has been brave enough to
install the beta version Internet Explorer 7 if so what do you think of it.

Sam Howie
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