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This is all slightly out of date now I'm pleased to say. It lookes like Global 
and GCAP will agree a deal and Global have made it clear they don't want any of 
the digital stations closing and they disagree with GCAP's assessment of the 
situation. They have already made it clear they will invest in National 1 and 
asked for stations such as Planet Rock not to be closed. Undoubtedly this will 
lead to some consolidation, such as merging The Arrow and Planet Rock, and 
probably rationalisation of multiplexes, so be prepared for some rescanning of 
your sets.


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Hi,  Sorry for not replying to this post earlier.  It is pretty certain now 
that DAB in the UK is now not thought to be quite the big thing.  G.cap Media 
is pulling the plug shortly on its two DAB only stations Planet Rock and The 
Jazz as they don't provide the revenue they thought.  Being the UK's largest 
owner of commercial radio stations they want to concentrate on their big profit 
making stations like Classic FM and Capital.  When profit margins are tight 
future investments such as their DAB operation get scrapped.  Also G.Cap are 
fighting off a hostile takeover by Global who want to buy them out.


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Good to have this post here, and I've not seen it on the UK Radio list, but 
another article I saw in the last few days stated that around 200,000 DAB sets 
had been sold in Germany, and this with a population of 81 million!

MeanwhleMeanwhile, another source, reported on UK Radio, says that secret talks 
are in progress here in the UK about DAB's here here!

I find this very saddening because I feel that with more thought and wiser 
Government policy DAB could have been, should have been, so much better.  I 
don't regard the internet as a real alternative either.


From Ray 
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  A once prominent digital audio broadcasting format soon could be a
  technical achievement of the past in one European nation.  This, as an
  oversight organization in Germany says its time to stop supporting
  Eureka 147. The organization responsible for setting fiscal policy for public
  broadcasting in Germany has deemed the Eureka-147 Digital Audio
  Broadcasting codec unworthy of further investment.  The KEF which
  oversees the financial aspect of DAB is calling for the equivalent of
  about $246 million slated to fund public-service DAB projects from 2009
  to 2012 to be reallocated to other projects.
  Since 2001, some $266 million has been allocated to KEF for Digital
  Audio Broadcasting projects. In explaining its recommendation to halt
  such funding after 2008, KEF said that receiver options remained
  limited in Germany and that public support for FM radio and the
  availability of satellite radio, Internet radio, podcasts and other
  outlets have changed the nature of radio broadcasting since DAB was
  first envisioned.But there is some strong opposition to such a phase out.  A 
  called the Initiative Marketing Digital Radio is a European consortium
  of receiver manufacturers, transmitter network operators, program
  providers and institutions backing the DAB standard. It warns that
  Germany moving away from Eureka 147 could cause chaos.  It says this is
  because the digitalization of broadcasting is unstoppable.

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