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Now before The great Mod "kicks us out off this list" re the thread, it's 
company policy! 

Anyone, group or otherwise can challenge it. 

Blind treatment is no different to others in that regard.

The credentials of a guide dog are required (no special treatment( so there! 


 Tony Sweeney
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  Ibrahim I fly all the time with Neela my guide dog and until I read this I 
was totally unaware that such documentation had to be readily available for 
inspection on boarding an aircraft.  Fortunately I do carry it with my freedom 
pass but I would never have thought of showing it as I would have got in a 
panick.  As for my Record Book, it would have been in my case and will be again 
on Wednesday when we take to the air once more.

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    While I have every sympathy for the lady in this case, Easy jet were 
following the rules and indeed the CAA guidelines on assistance dog travel, so 
by rights the traveller needs to have the necessary paperwork confirming their 
dog is a trained assistance dog for the safety of all concerned.  Easy jet have 
a duty of care to all their travellers, and the same goes for any other 
airline, so if you take your guide dog identity card and pet vet book with you 
whenever you travel, you should be absolutely fine.

    All the best, Ibrahim.

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    Hi Barry Moderator
    I do hope you do not mind me posting this link here for the list as I am a 
guide dog owner travelling to Ireland on Wednesday and read this story just now 
after my friend in Lisbern drew it to my attention.


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