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You're right, we shouldn't always have to lag behind our sighted counterparts and you shouldn't have been told to shut up! What is such defensiveness about? It's a perfectly valid question. I realize it takes time to develop new products but for example why should it not be possible for the new touch to work with a more updated version of Android than Kitcat and that's not to rubbish the hard work that may have been put into developing the new Touch. The fact that such issue are never addressed openly speaks volumes and leads one to feel that the expectation is that we should just pretend, not ask intelligent questions and be grateful! Just my thoughts.

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Hi Jackie and all,

You are, of course, perfectly right about the pricing, Jackie. There is,
though, something else I would raise if I may. I was somewhat astonished to
read the specifications of this tablet, putting the price entirely to one
side. I just bought a Kangaroo PC for $150. It has better specifications
than this tablet does.  Compare the tablet뭩 specs


to the Kangaroo뭩 specs

o> &Tpk=kangaroo

I understand that the market for devices for the blind is
small and that the price must, therefore, be high. More accurately, that뭩
what we are told. I뭢 afraid I don뭪 understand, however, why this unit, the
B2G from NBP, the new Humanware unit, and so on, have lower specifications
than far cheaper units available to the public. I asked this question on
the Android list and was, basically, told to shut up. I don뭪 expect to get
any kind of answer, you understand, but it is a question which I think is
worth asking. Put aside the price, as I said, assume for the sake of the
argument that it뭩 �4000 because that뭩 the lowest possible price the
companies can charge while still paying their employees. Can뭪 they add less
than 5% and make sure the product is up to date when it뭩 released?


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This looks interesting from the link you provided Ed. But these prices are
ridiculous to be honest, and so prohibitive for so many!

Kind Regards,

Jackie Brown

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Hi Paul,

I suspect John is referring to the InsideOne from Inside Vision.

You can find out more at http://www.insidevision.fr/insideone_UK.html.

The Blind Bargains segment is at



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