[access-uk] Re: Infuriating JAWS problem with BBC website!

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  • Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2008 16:11:13 -0000

Thanks Gordon.  I will give it a try myself and see what happens.


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  Hi again Jackie
  I tried the suggested solution- going into Internet Explorer, then Insert V, 
then Select and paste change to virtual cursor. - it worked as before. However 
when I changed it back it worked again only it read the page differently. (I 
was expecting it to hang - it might with a bigger page) But certainly it worked 
as before once the select and paste option was changed to virtual cursor.
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    Subject: [access-uk] Infuriating JAWS problem with BBC website!

    Hi All

    I'm fizzing, and I mean really hopping mad with frustration, so please 
could someone tell me if the following problem is me going balmy, or is it 
really JAWS 9.0.whatever?

    When I go onto a portion of the BBC website and copy something to the 
clipboard to paste into a Microsoft Word document, JAWS is behaving really 
strangely.  It either hangs, or doesn't paste the information from the 
clipboard at all into the document.  It does it now and then, but more often 
than not just won't paste.

    Ian came across this with the text relating to Dale Winton's Pick of the 
Pops show on the Radio 2 portion of the BBC site.  He told me about it, but 
it's only now that I'm trying to do it myself on the tennis section of the same 
site that I'm able to replicate it.

    I'm actually trying to compile a report of a tennis match for an assignment 
for my Sports Journalism course, and because I can't spell a lot of these 
players' names by heart, I was copying their correct spelling from the site 
into my document.  But oh no! I can't do it, and have to keep swapping between 
the site and the report I have open to type them in by hand.

    I'm doing this using Vista Home Premium, JAWS 9.0.whatever, and Microsoft 
Word Professional 2003.  Ian has already come across this problem using the 
same version of JAWS with XP Home and Microsoft Word Professional 2003.

    Frankly it is driving me mad, and if something is wrong with JAWS that it 
doesn't allow you to copy and paste from the BBC site using version 9.0, and 
you have to revert to a previous version, then that's bloody ridiculous.

    Ian says he had the same problem in Amazon the other night, when he tried 
to paste some information about an album into a file to save.  He says he has 
to keep going back to JAWS 8.whatever to do what he needs to.  God I am so 
angry now in frustration because this is slowing me up no end.

    Any confirmation would be useful please as this is a really serious issue 
if it is down to JAWS.

    Many thanks.



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