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You can set it to sync as you expect. There are some difficulties though.

iCLoud will not sync with your default Outlook calendar. You will get an additional calendar in outlook called iCloud that you will have to start using from here on. The same will happen with your contacts if you also want to start syncing these to your phone via iCloud.

To set this up you need to download the icloud utility from the apple software update program on your computer. You can then access all the icloud settings through your control panel.


On 22/11/2011 11:21, Saqib Hussain wrote:
If you back up to I-cloud then that data will be pushed to a second
Iphone or even a Ipod as long as you are logged in on both devices.
Android currently do this with contacts and apps. If I add a contact
in my phones's contacts than it is automatically synched to my
Googlemail account and if I delete from the web! The data is deleted
from my phone.

On 22/11/2011, Sharon Bowell<sharon.bowell1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>  wrote:
Oh many thanks, I got the wrong idea about I-cloud, I thought it enabled me
to synch my items on the pc with the I-phone automatically, e.g. if I made a
change to my calendar on the outlook it would automatically synch to my

Many thanks for explaining this for me.


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     Hello Sharon

I Cloud is an on line data storage system where you can store your data from
your IOS device.  You have to set up the device to access I cloud once you
have done this, you have free access to up to five gigs of storage.  You can
buy more on line storage if it is needed.

Hope this helps

All the best


From: Sharon Bowell<mailto:sharon.bowell1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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Could someone kindly explain to me how the I-cloud works.  How do I use it
to synch my outlook calendar with my phone’s calendar, as that is what I’d
like to do most at present, until I get to grips with it.

Many thanks.


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