[access-uk] Re: How do I send attachments in Outlook

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  • Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2007 23:39:57 +0100

In Outlook 2003, when you have typed your message, there is an insert menu.
Press alt for the menu bar, cursor right to insert, press down arrow to go
into the menu.  The shortcut for file is L, or you can just cursor down to
it.  Once you are there you can browse your folders to find the one you want
and then press enter to attach it to your message.


If you are using JAWS, press insert A, and it should tell you what you have


I hope this helps.





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Hello Folks 

Just started to use Outlook today and am wondering how I send attachments
with messages.  In OE it was simple enough but wihtoutlook ther is no Insert
button and I cannot find anything in the menus to give me any advice on

Don't want to send any immediately but would be interested to know for the


Best wishes to all on the list 

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