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just pull the ethernet cable out of the back of the router.  then bang,
you're disconnected, reconnect when your pc has restarted, then update nod.


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Yes, I know that sounds stupid doesn't it? but I'm sure most of you won't
think it is once I've explained.
Once I've downloaded Nod32 4, I want to disconnect from the internet before
I uninstall version 3 and install version 4.
I have a master switch commanding power on and off for my entire set up and
the cables have been neatly and very tightly tied up by an electrician so
that it's extremely difficult to follow one from its socket to its origin
and the same goes for the USB cables. On my router there is a cable going to
the telephone and one to the computer but I can't feel precisely which is
which, so, I can't easily physically disconnect my system from the Internet.
I've looked in Control Panel but can't find anything there.
I haven't got anything about my router as software because, as the system
works very well without it, I didn't see the point until now, perhaps to
load my PC with junk from my ISP I will never use.
Anyone knows of a soft, temporary way to disconnect from the internet? If
Internet explorer, Messenger and my email client are not open, does it mean
nothing can come in? I only want the system to be disconnected while I
uninstall and re-install Nod 32, what risk do I run on a scale of 1 to 10 to
catch something nasty while doing this if I stay connected?
Any thoughts/comments very much appreciated.
Thank you all in advance.
Cheers now,

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