[access-uk] Re: How do I change which programme sends E-mail to websites

  • From: "alex-acts2v4" <alex-acts2v4@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <access-uk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 5 Oct 2004 15:16:25 +0100

Hi Peter and all who are interested in this thread.

Peter, you asked me to send you the url for the questionaire, but, I feel it 
would be better to send the web address and give instructions to reach the 
questionaire and fill it in, so here it all is.

go to www.visionsvoice.org.uk  when you reach that site tab through the 
links until you reach one marked campaigns.  when you enter on this you 
should be presented with two more links "travel Cards" and Questionaire" . 
tab to questionaire and press enter, then using Jaws fill in the form after 
puting JFW into forms mode.

Once the form is filled in press the submit button.  It will then ask you if 
you want to continue.  Once you have hit OK,  you should be presented with 
an E-mail which should be ready to send.  Please note that the questionaire 
relates to a campaign on transport for the visually impaired in the UK, so 
you may not find it interesting altyhough by all means have a look.

At one time lots of people had the problem I am experiencing but now I seem 
to be the only one who experiences it.  I have talked to the web design team 
in the organisation and neither they, or Sight and Sound can see what my 
problem is.

Alexander Shannon 

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