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Hi Graham, Audible.co.uk have all sort of book genres. I'm a very happy member 
but you don't have to be a member to buy any of their books.

I can recommend Dunes by, one of my favourite authors, Frank Herbert. Dunes is 
a truly superb audio production too. Or you might like Dark Universe or grab 
any of Asimov's stuff. But hey! I'm not a 'terminal science fiction fan' so you 
could have already read those.

Welcome on board and happy hunting!
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  Hello everybody.  I just joined the list.

  This is a bit off the wall but has access and tech implications for me anyway.

  I am a terminal science fiction fan and can really never get enough of the 
stuff.  A fe years ago somebody gave me a copy of a human read audio version of 
analog Science Fiction and Fact.  A great little magazine that I used to read 
before the old eyesight went.

  This was produced in the Sates by the national library for the Blind but I 
have not been able to trach down if it is still produced or how to obtain it.  
The Analog site itself points to FictionWise who produce the magazine in a 
number of electronic but inaccessible formats and to Amazon who produce 
something called Kindle which seems to be a DRM protected variety of 
mobipocket.  Kindle is only available in the US though.  Basically all of the 
eBook versions would need to be hacked before I couls use them anyway.

  So my question is..  Are there any science fiction fans out there who have 
found a source of either the audio productions or accessible electronic 


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