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I hate to tell you this, but from what I have read about BT broadband, they
have some sort of tie up with Yahoo, so it may be part of the package you
have signed up to.


On another list someone else has had lots of trouble with BT, and has now
changed to another service provider.  The story may even be on Watchdog.





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Please can someone help.


over the weekend my daughterinstalled the new BT home hub for me which has
installed all kinds of stuff from yahoo as well.  I've uninstalled yahoo
messenger but i'm scared of taking too much off in case i make more


 When I restart my computer I have the following message come up.


SmartBridge Alerts: BTHelpNotifier.exe - Entry Point Not Found

The procedure entry point GetProcessImageFileNameW could not be located in
the dynamic link library PSAPI.DLL. 



i'm using windos XP home and the latest jaws.


The lapstops are connecting fine.


Also, when i go onto webpages i get that awful booming sound and it says the
windows cannnot find the page i've opened even though the page has opened in
front of me.


i've set firefox as my btowser but even when i go to internet exploerer the
home pages opened without the booming noise but anything in my favourites
does as i've stated above.


I've just spent a very frustrating half an hour trying to sort it with BT
with a woman who thingks i haven't got any internet and who i had terrible
trouble trying to understand, i don't think either of us understood each
other because she thought i didn't have any internet which i have even
though i explained about my message at startup and becuase i said that
windows couldnt find my pages and i'd told her i had the page in front of
me, all i wanted to know was how to stop the booming message and why its
saying windows cannot find the page even though it was in front of me..


If anyone can help me i'd be much appreciated.


From Wendy Mitchell.


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