[access-uk] Re: Headsup: bogus and dangerous emails purporting to be from 'her majesty's corporate tribunal service'

  • From: Austin Pinto <austinpinto.xaviers@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: access-uk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2014 06:06:18 +0530

yes Shaun you are right sometimes even opening such messages is enough
to do the damage no need to open attachments.
what is happening is this people put a url to an image or symply a url
to a blank frame in the message header which most of the time is not
shown to us as you open the message the image is pulled down from the
server in the process letting them know that you red this email and
that your email id is a valid existing id and then they can sell it to
spammers so if you use a email program set it to show text only or if
you use browser then dont open such mails

On 9/10/14, Shaun O'Connor <capricorn8159@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> good alert
>  I would also recommend in addition users have their email clients set
> to receive plan text only. not HTML as some emails may contain content
> that executes a program remotely simply by passing the mouse or pointing
> device over any links within the body of an email.
> On 09/09/2014 19:34, Barry Hill wrote:
>> Sneaky.  Thanks for the warning, Mike.  Would you be able to post a copy
>> of
>> the email, without the attachment of course, so that we can see exactly
>> what
>> to look out for?
>> Cheers
>> Barry
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>> Mike Ray
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>> from 'her majesty's corporate tribunal service'
>> Hello list,
>> I generally have no trouble spotting bogus emails when they arrive.
>> Before now I have only ever seen emails which use our darkest desires as
>> the bait.  Emails with 'I love you' and similar stuff in the title.
>> And of course emails from that nice Nigerian gentleman who always seems
>> to have ninety-thousand pounds in his pyjamas he wants to share.
>> This morning I received an email whose subject line suggested it was
>> from Her Majesty's Corporate Tribunal Service', if there is such a thing.
>> The body of the emailsounded very convincing, and extremely threatening,
>> suggesting some judgement had been made in my failure to appear.
>> Enough to make my blood run chilly for about ten seconds since I have
>> run companies in the past.
>> Sure enough there was an attachment, which was a zip file.
>> The zip file contained a file with the extension .docx.exe.
>> Of course I did not execute it and I am in no doubt the .exe extension
>> means it is definitely bogus.
>> But the text of the email is enough to scare the pants of you for a
>> while.
>> I am sharing this on here because, as we are blind and visually
>> impaired, and as such find it hard to get a job, it means a lot of us
>> are self-employed and as such, such things as court summons documents
>> for late submission of statutory returns etc. is often in the backs of
>> our minds.
>> So...if you receive such an email, always, but always check the file
>> extension of any attachments, and don't execute anything.
>> I have always configured ANY Windows PCs I have to show file extensions.
>> The file in the zip attached to the email in question was:
>> something.docx.exe
>> On a PC with hidden file extensions, this file would appear as:
>> something.docx
>> Making you think it is a Word document.
>> Double clicking on that file would no doubt leave you with something
>> nasty on your computer.
>> If you don't want to always be able to see file extensions, or if you
>> cannot work out how to configure your PC to show them, check the
>> properties of any suspect file by using the context menu and selecting
>> 'properties'.  This will tell you the nature of the file.
>> Don't make it easy for the bad guys.
>> Mike
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