[access-uk] Re: Has anyone else had problems obtaining a Braille copy of a manual for an Indesit product?

  • From: "Philip Martin" <p.martin13@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2006 17:21:19 +0100

The usual reason for fuses blowing on driers is fluff build up somewhere in the 
system.  I don't have an Indesit but our Bosch does it about twice a year.  
Condensing driers often have a special programme that should be run  
occasionally.  Such information should be available from the manual.  However, 
I feel that a PDA  or a CD version, with a little preparation, is a reasonable 
offering from the suppliers.  Having listened to the Soundings magazine, I 
expect that any special transcription would take a long time, and there would 
be a huge backlog of washing.


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  Subject: [access-uk] Re: Has anyone else had problems obtaining a Braille 
copy of a manual for an Indesit product?

  I don't think it is very likely that a braille manual for this machine is 
already in existence unless someone has requested it to be transcribed by the 
RNIB so that's the best place to look I think.  Secondly whatever is the root 
cause of the fuse blowing, this may not be immediate from perusing the users 
manual.  Fuses blow when something is trying to draw far to much power in the 
circuit such as a heating element.  When fuses blow regularly it usually means 
an electrical fault exists somewhere in the circuit and just replacing the fuse 
will leave such a fault untouched.  Perhaps taking a look at the thermostatic 
control would be worth doing, in certainly requires further qualified 


  Tristram Llewellyn
  Sight and Sound Technology
  Technical Support

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    Subject: [access-uk] Has anyone else had problems obtaining a Braille copy 
of a manual for an Indesit product?

    Hi all,

    A couple of Christmases ago my parents purchased an Indesit WIDL146 
    washer/dryer for me.

    As I have had problems with the fuse in the drying section to such a degree 
    that the fuse has had to be replaced twice, I need to learn a little more 
    about the machine.

    Because I can read some print using visual aids such as glasses and 
    magnifiers I did not ask for a Braille manual when the item was purchased, 
    however due to the problems I have had I contacted Indesit customer 
    today and asked them if a Braille manual was available.

    I was told that although Braille front panels were available the manual was 
    only available in Normal Print, Large print, CD and .PDF formats.  When I 
    suggested that it would be difficult to use the more computerised formats 
    the manual near the machine if the customer's computer and washing machine 
    were in different rooms and therefore there should be a Braille copy 
    available, I was told that one of the reasons there was not a Braille copy 
    available was that the machines came from Italy .

    Has anyone ever managed to obtain a Braille manual for any Indesit 

    Alexander Shannon 

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