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  • Date: Thu, 29 Dec 2005 17:53:03 -0000

What sort of restore did he do?  And what manufacturer of
system does he/she have?
A proper Windows XP System Restore does not usually loose
files as described.
However, if he used the shop supplied CD to restore, they
very often restore to the ex-shop state.
As for "My old disk structure", this sounds rather like an
OEM/shop thing, but we can only guess at this stage not
knowing what make of PC it is.


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Hi All 
A friend has sent me the following message can anybody help 

My computer through a wobbler this morning and I have had to
do a system restore. It has kindly saved all my previous
files and programmes in a file called "My old disk
structure". Does anyone know how I restore these back to
where they were originally saved as I cant access them where
they are and none of the programmes show on the start menu.

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