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James, I've little trouble at all with what you are saying below,
although it could be argued that selling the latest Harry Potter at
the price they are doing is, in fact, a considerable subsidy, given
the production costs.  In this case though, they didn't actually
record the book;  its just the standard Stephen Fry audio book, but
daisified.  My main point is that only a charity can in fact sell
unabridged audio books at a near level playing field sort of price.

Mind you, an off-the -record comment I heard about the audio book
industry was that it needs a damned good shake up.  It seems it's very
happy with the small, but lucrative library and education and other
deep pocket buyers, and isn't interested in becoming a mass market
industry.  Hmmm!  Interesting.

As for blind people wanting something for nothing or at a much lower
price, well, I think a lot actually do want that.  Whether that is
more characteristic of the blind community I couldn't ossibly say, now
could I?  Aren't many who won't scough down a free lunch!


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    There is also a political point here.  It is true that RNIB can't
afford to sell the books as a "loss leader", but I think perhaps the
bigger issue is that they want publishers to come on board with the
"same book, same time, same price" philosophy, perhaps in time
allowing them to take their fair share of the revenue as well.  RNIB
selling the book at a discount would simply reinforce the mistaken
view that blind people want something for nothing, or at any rate for
less than "average" people would pay.  Any discounts offered by
outlets are not under the control of the publishers, and I think RNIB
are wise to do things "by the book", if you'll excuse the pun.  There
is no point in having equal access to the discounts if this ultimately
ends up providing publishers with an excuse not to give us equal
access to the material.


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