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Hi everyone
Apologies for multi posting - I thought this offer might be useful to many.

Diamond Cut 6 is an excellent file cleaning program with loads of presets to 
remove and enhance noise from almost anything. As a jaws user it is pretty well 
accessible - better on files than on selected areas. The results on a 78 record 
can be stunning. For further details you can look on the website.

I received the newsletter recently and meant to pass it on, but on looking atit 
again I see that the offer finishes TODAY. The program is well worth the normal 
$199, but it is being offered until today at $59 - stunning. I don't know if 
it's just for newsletter readers but if anyone wants it they could try to order 
and download. Even if there are limitations, calling the company itself  would 
probably find them quite amenable. 

There are one or two navigation issues I've brought up with them before and 
they hope to build them in on a future release, but at present the program is 
pretty accessible for most purposes and certainly is the best I've found for 
audio restoration. I should say I get no commission on this - I'm not linked to 
the company - I'm just a satisfied user.
Below is an extract from their newsletter:

and spend as much as you need!  Unlike the unwashed masses, only you, our 
newsletter readers will get these specials...let the rest pay full retail!
DC SIX- $59 (Normally $199).  No more excuses here.  Now you can get our latest 
and greatest software for $140 less than list.  You won't get the paper
manual...this is a simple download, so in minutes, you can be retiring your 
Millennium or DC-32 or even worse, your DART products in favor of the noise
reduction tools chosen by more restoration professionals than any other.  If 
you want the manual, you can purchase it separately for $10 on the same page.
 EZ Clean filtering, CD Ripping, Faster Filtering and Auto-Leveling are just a 
few of the incredible improvements you can obtain.  You can either upgrade
or buy new...the choice is yours!
Just go to
order normally and use coupon newsix to get your incredible savings!  The link 
for the paper manual is on the same page.

Hope this is useful to someone.


Gordon McFarlane

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