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  • Date: Sat, 15 Jan 2011 21:36:16 -0000

Hey  that is brilliant, John, I never knew of that link.  Many thanks.
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  Hi Eleanor, I couldn't sort it either, so I've gone back to google accessible 
search. There's no google instant on there. The url is

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    While I appreciat I am responding to a very old e-mail, I have just tried 
the link below but am still being driven mad by this Google Instant.  Has 
anyone managed to resolve this issue?  I have turned it off but it just comes 
back again and again.
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      From: Pele West 
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      Hi Brian

      I also found that I could not turn off Google Instant, even though I kept 
amending my search settings.
      However, after some Googling, I found a URl which seems to work.  It is

      I have had no problems with this site, the searches work fine.

      Pele West

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