[access-uk] Re: GoldWave advice please!

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  • Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2007 18:29:08 +0100

Colin, I've been following the few comments of yours on Goldwave with
some interest as I may well use it on a second computer - Sound Forge
being my editing program just now, but cannot afford two licences.

Anyway, having just been to the GW web site there is mention of a
Voice Over plug-in.  Is this what you are actually using?  Or is it,
maybe, the standard voice over features within Goldwave?  Must say the
GW Voice Over features sound as though they should be a bit better
than Sound Forge's in that it might be that the voice track can
automatically bring the background up and down, without repeated
pasting of the various bits of voice track to be mixed in this way.

I suppose this thread aught really to be on the Goldwave list, but
I've heard nothing from that quarter for some time, though I presume
I'm still subscribed there.


From Ray
I can be contacted off-list at:

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I had a chat with a friend in NewYork who advised me to try under
the shape volume, and select voiceover, which does what I want, so it

I did, eventually have replies via the GoldWave group, I was advised
v5.20 (the latest), works ok with WindowsME so in due course, I shall
go get
it and any plugins which ought to work with ME.

Any advice from this group would be gratefully received.

If you are new to email, or this is the first message you have
received from me, Colin Howard, I am especially keen to hear from
*you* now.

I live near the city of Southampton, in Southern England.

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