[access-uk] Re: Gmail question

  • From: Douglas Harrison <harrison1d@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: access-uk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 04 Aug 2007 10:14:32 +0100


As I understand it even the deleted messages are stored on the Google 
servers for 30 days and can be searched for and retrieved if required during 
that period. Archived mail is of course stored indefinitely. 
I find that the space I am using remains fairly constant around the 150 - 200 
mb mark, but I would expect it to grow slightly as I Archive more messages.  

There is also an option to delete for ever  - which I use with items  
collecting  in the Spam folder.  

hope that helps,


On 4 Aug 2007 at 8:48, Chris Hallsworth wrote:  

> Hi all,
> Sorry to bring Gmail up again as I feel it's a great service, particularly
> with Pop, but I've noticed that despite Outlook Express deleting all my
> messages from Gmail's servers, when I looked at the Gmail web interface,
> using basic HTML view of course, I noticed that I'm currently using 32 MB
> (1%) of my 2880 MB. Not that I'm worried about storage space, but how can
> I get it back to 0? I've configured my Pop access such that any messages
> retrieved from Gmail's servers also gets deleted from Gmail's inbox, so
> surely my storage would be reduced? It appears not to be the case, so this


Douglas Harrison

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