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  • From: Adrian Higginbotham <adrian.higginbotham@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 12 Mar 2009 12:39:34 +0000

I just shift tab which takes you straight from the address bar to the bottom of 
the page content, you can then use usual nav commands to get you back to 
wherever you were before you jumped to the address bar.


A better approach to the problem though is to virtualise the window, insert 
control w, then arrow around to find the address line, copy it to the clip 
board, press escape to close the virtualised window, and you’re back on the 
webpage still at the same point in the content.


Maybe a scripting project for someone though to create a copy current page 
address to clipboard keystroke that works from anywhere on the page.


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Subject: [access-uk] Re: Getting out of the address bar 


Try F6.  You might need to hit it a couple of times, but it should nto take you 
through the search and favorites bits at least.  



Mark Threadgold

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Damon Rose
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Subject: [access-uk] Getting out of the address bar 

Hi all. 

Is there a shortcut key to get you back into the content area of a web page 
after you've been in the address bar? 

My real life example goes like this: So. I'm putting together some research on 
a subject and want to cut and paste the URL of a website I'm looking at, into a 
document I've got open. So I do an alt-D, copy it, paste it into my document, 
but then want to get back to the content area in the web page I've got open 
(the one whose URL I've just cut and pasted) 

Presently I find myself tabbing a lot, many times, sometimes triggering weird 
annoying things like search boxes, a favourites menu which I don't understand 
why it's there, and other things and sometimes it's a little difficult to tell 
you've tabbed back into the main part of a page after all this anyway.

So. Is there a quicker way or a shortcut key? 

Any tips appreciated. 

For what it's worth, I'm using jaws 9 and 10 variously, on internet explorer 7. 


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