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Hi Simon,

Elementary my dear Wilkes  (smile)

Gootle searches on Get_iplayer (with underline after the get), or GetIplayer 
(all one word) or Get Iplayer (two words) will all bring up the page you want 
as the first search result.


Help! I'm turning into George!

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I've heard a lot about this bit of software, but no one seems to have mentioned 
where to actually get it from. this info would be rather useful please.


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Hello Chris,

Many thanks for writing.

I'm pleased to say I now have the programme.

With best wishes,


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On 11/12/2014 10:10, Keith wrote:
Hello All,

I've been attempting, without any success whatsoever, to download a programme 
broadcast on Radio 2 on Tuesday evening at 10:00.

The programme is called:

(Don't Fight It) Feel it - The Sam Cooke Story

The programme is listed exactly as shown above, with an open bracket at the 

And the line I am pasting into get_iplayer is as follows:

get_iplayer --type=radio --get "(Don't Fight It) Feel it - The Sam Cooke Story" 
--aactomp3 --mp3vbr=0

Has anyone successfully downloaded this programme, please, and if so, could 
they kindly offer me some assistance?

With thanks, and all best wishes,


Here's the link you want to listen to your programme:-


If you put the title into Google, brings up a list of URL's, click on the one 
for BBC2 and it takes you straight to the link.

You will then see the media player, embedded link, press this and you will get 
a play button.

Hope this helps.

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