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Hi Justin,
I will have Wayfinder at Sight, so come over and see me, and I will take you
for a virtual spin, if nothing else.
All the best
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Ah, what a shame you don't sell it Steve, I was hoping to look at that at
this year's sight village, lol.  Mind you, it'll be interesting to see if
anyone's show casing wayfinder.
anyway, to carol, yes, the idea is that wayfinder on your mobile is supposed
to tell you along you're route what you're approaching, land marks like a
police station, restaurants, clubs, names of roads etc.  I believe you can
programme in your destination in the wayfinder software and it's supposed to
guide you to the very destination.  I'm interested in this as, I think it
would be brilliant for me personally.  
So, that''s as much as I know.  I'm concerned on how acurate it is though
,but, that would need testing and.... erm... is that a good idea?

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Does this mean that you can't locate a park, restaurant, or shop in a given
area, unless you know the address of where it is?
If this is so then the AA maps give that kind of information already.
If I'm missing something here, please explain a little more.



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