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Does this mean that you can't locate a park, restaurant, or shop in a
given area, unless you know the address of where it is?
If this is so then the AA maps give that kind of information already.
If I'm missing something here, please explain a little more.



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Hi Steve,
I have posted before about this quite a bit.  But Wayfinder is the only
solution I know of that is accessible with Talks.  Route 66, Tomtom, and
the others don't work, because they don't have a non-graphical
interface, and everything is map-based, but not text-mode based.
Wayfinder has Classic mode, where a lot of info, but not all of it, is
text-based.  Currently, you can't find out where you are, unless you
create a route, but this is no big deal, because you more often than not
know where you are going <Smile>.  It is not as "chatty" as the
specialist blind products, but you can ask Talks to give you more
information.  All in all, I love Wayfinder.  It is not perfect, but it
suits me.
And in case anyone asks, no, I don't currently sell it.  But you can
find out about it on HYPERLINK
"http://www.wayfinder.com"http://www.wayfinder.com, where you can also
download a trial version of the software.  At least then you can try it,
even without a GPS receiver, in offline mode.
All the best
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OK, I'll try this again.  I am considering getting the GPS module to use
with my 6680 and talks.  If anyone has used GPS with talks before, I'd
be grateful for any comments as to how successful it is, it's
accessibility and functionality.  What software are you using on the
phone? Way finder?  Are there any alternatives?  And how much would it
cost?  Software and the GPS receiver?  Will the tomtom work?
Steve Hyde-Dryden
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