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A month or so ago I bought the Sysonchip Bluetooth GPS. It cost about £100 from 
an outfit which trade on the web as globalpositioningsystems.com, although the 
credit card statement showed an entirely different name. I was advised that the 
Sysonship was a little more sensitive than the Fortuna Clip-on. Connecting it 
to my 6670 was pretty easy. I also had no trouble getting the trial version of 
Wayfinder to work, once I'd got Vodafone to activate my internet access.

My problem is that I don't really want a guided street navigation tool like 
Wayfinder. I'd be happier with something simpler, which could offer the 
functionality of a trip computer when I'm out walking or cycling. So far, the 
software I've tried isn't accessible. Navigating through menus is no trouble, 
but Talks (not even the very latest version) makes nothing of the information 
displayed on the screen. I've so far tried Bluesky and GPS XC. There are many 
others, but I'm starting to think that none of them will be accessible. The 
best I seem able to do is to check my current position by setting waypoints, 
and then editing them. In this mode, it is easy enough to read the positional 

One possible solution would be some basic software for viewing the data from 
the GPS. The Sysonchip GPS ships with a viewer, but the two versions supplied 
are intended for PDAs, and I'm pretty sure that they won't work with Symbian 

If I discover anything further, I'll drop a line to the list.

Regards, Mark

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  OK, I'll try this again.  I am considering getting the GPS module to use with 
my 6680 and talks.  If anyone has used GPS with talks before, I'd be grateful 
for any comments as to how successful it is, it's accessibility and 
functionality.  What software are you using on the phone? Way finder?  Are 
there any alternatives?  And how much would it cost?  Software and the GPS 
receiver?  Will the tomtom work?

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