[access-uk] Re: GPS Again!

  • From: "Justin R" <mypc128@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <access-uk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2005 20:42:23 +0100

Messagethat's cool Steve.  I've been thinking about wayfinder and the whole 
gprs thing as, it's been talked up for use for us visually impaired in the 
media for a while now.  So, I should heading your way to be given the vertual 
tour <smile>. 

all the best,

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  Subject: [access-uk] Re: GPS Again!

  Hi Justin,

  I will have Wayfinder at Sight, so come over and see me, and I will take you 
for a virtual spin, if nothing else.

  All the best
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