[access-uk] Re: Fw: Response from Lloyds TSB re chip & pin at home

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Sorry Steve, but your 'right' isn't everyone's by a long chalk!  OK,
so you get covered if someone does break into your account, but what a
mess to have to clean up!

For me 'reasonable' might mean Could a lot better.

I see a strange contradiction too here between your wanting the Olypus
recorder discussed here quite a lot to be 100 percent accessable, and
the half way house - that in that instance - is what we have.
Shouldn't you be satisfied?

Maybe I shouldn't have come in on this, so just regard it as a
statement of where I stand, rather than wanting to get into an

From Ray
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Hi Derek,

Thanks for that, a nice clear explanation.  Why don't people get the
reasonable and adjustment and settle for it sometimes?

All the best


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Colin said:
"You're guaranteed against fraud already provided you can evidence
that you did not purposely allow your online details to be
So what is the reasonable adjustment there?"

Ok  the bank can say:
"here is your key  pad  you must use it"

You can't, because blind.
So  the bank says:
"ok  as you can't use the key pad  we will let you stay with old
Reasonable adjustment!
I think the point is,   the key pads simply are  aimed to  cut  the
But  at end of the  day allowing  us to stay with present system makes
no  difference  to us, it  just means  the bank is willing to  take
extra risk, but only for those that can't use the key pads.

It's like chip & PIN  in the  shops. The banks  would prefer
everyone to use  chip & Pin  in the  shops, but some people can't.
So  chip & signature  is  available.
But those that  use chip & signature,  the banks  take on the extra

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