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Hi Roger,


As others have said, you can't use a GPS receiver on its own, without a
phone or PDA to run it on and some software.  So you would need a phone, and
some GPS software, as well as the receiver.


All the best





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    Hi Steve


Managed to find the items in questions and the forward below is part of the
discussion. I got the impression it was to do with GPS but if not maybe you
could tell me what the equipment is please.



Some mistakes are too much fun to only make once. 



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Hi Terry,


It is fantastic.  It is the best Holux receiver I have seen to date, in fact
it is the best receiver I have seen.


We are selling it for 50 quid.


All the best





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Hi Steve and all


Steve, do you have any feed back at all, regarding the above receiver?


I think I remember you saying last week, that you had just got one, and were
going to be trying it out.


Any news would be appreciated.





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