[access-uk] Re: Fw: [RNIBTalkingBooksArena] Urgent information - digital player software upgrades

  • From: "James O'Dell" <jamesodell@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 24 Jun 2005 21:36:42 +0100

David, I only forwarded that message from another list, I have also done the 
upgrade and have written to let RNIB know this.

In a separate message they pointed out that, since the players are on loan, 
anything that went wrong as a result of any 'unauthorised modifications to it' 
would be our responsibility, that's fair enough .  But I assume that the core 
of the upgrade that they are about to issue is the Visuaide/Humanwware firmware 
that we have just installed, so why it should go wrong when we install it from 
a CD-ROM image provided by the manufacturer and not go wrong when we install it 
from a CD sent to us by RNIB I'm not sure.  In the forwarded message there is a 
reference to the upgrade being planned for this summer, until I received the 
message I had had no information that RNIB was planning to distribute any 
upgrades in the immediate future, so I'm not sure what's going on there.

I have asked them to let me know what the situation is for those of us who have 
done the upgrade.  I agree in principle there shouldn't be any problem with 
installing the RNIB firmware even if the version number is the same, but maybe 
we have missed something.  I certainly hope I can get their firmware installed, 
I don't want to be getting grief for doing this upgrade for the rest of my TB 
membership.  I'll let you know when I hear anything.

Alternatively, you could raise these issues on the list where the message I 
forwarded first appeared, subscribe by sending a blank message to

Best wishes

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digital player software upgrades

  Hello,  Having done the necessary upgrade to my victor reader to version 307  
I think it is, I must admit I do like the extra facilities it provides.  The 
sleep facility and the one minute skip are very useful and enhance the 

  I fail to understand however what harm it would do if any particular player 
was upgraded twice,  say once by the original user and a second time by 
yourselves when it was being reissued  but I only ask out of general interest.  
  Perhaps you could explain the actual harm it would do if it had a  second 
inadvertant upgrade  by mistake.  

  Many thanks

  Kind Regards
  David Dick  
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    From: James O'Dell 
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    Subject: [access-uk] Fw: [RNIBTalkingBooksArena] Urgent information - 
digital player software upgrades

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    From: salandiak 
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    Sent: Friday, June 24, 2005 3:31 PM
    Subject: [RNIBTalkingBooksArena] Urgent information - digital player 
software upgrades

    Folks, this is a follow-up to the info sent by Pete Osborne recently 
    re: software upgrades.

    This is an urgent plea to anyone who has either downloaded software 
    upgrades for digital players from the internet or is considering 
    doing so.

    Please on no account do this. You will already be aware that we have 
    an upgrade due to take place this summer, so we will be in severe 
    difficulties if an upgrade takes place from another source before we 
    can do this for all machines.

    It will be an absolute nightmare for us once we get players back, as 
    we won't know which player has had an upgrade and which one needs 
    one, as the record will not be updated to reflect this change.

    If you have already upgraded your machine, then please let me know, 
    so we can amend the machine's record. If you haven't, please don't 
    go there.

    Thanks in advance

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